• Vicky Ooi

What's with Cancel Culture?

Cancel Culture - the phenomenon of “cancelling” individuals and brands when they have said or done something that is considered to be offensive or inappropriate. The audience is as powerful as you think. They have the power to remove someone from a high status, or make someone an overnight sensation. When someone gets cancelled, they lose their audience, fame and their reputation left in tatters.

Social media has made cancel culture anonymous, making it the optimum platform for Cancel Culture to grow. Because commenters are on the other side of the screen, their identities are concealed and they feel disconnected from the person on the receiving end. They tend to forget that the online persona on the receiving end is also an actual person who is subject to feeling upset, offended and in pain.

In the current form of cancel culture, it is fuelled by a herd mentality where “I am right and you are wrong.” It tells us that if somebody makes a mistake or something that we don’t like or agree with, we must go against them and stop supporting them immediately. There is no turning back nor apologies accepted.

The Danger of Cancel Culture

Sure, giving constructive criticism to influencers and celebrities for their mistakes is okay. Sometimes, people just need to be reminded that some things shouldn’t be said and that they have to take responsibility for it. When we call out mistakes, we should always remember that there is a person on the other side. Because when these criticisms get too heavy and personal, and start to affect the person mentally and physically, things can go wrong. One of the greatest dangers of this is the “pile on” effect - the fact that a person could be verbally attacked by thousands of people within minutes. It can feel as though they are being attacked by the whole world with no chance of learning from their mistakes.

Will Cancel Culture go away? Probably not. More and more people are being cancelled these days. Let us know what you think: Should Cancel Culture be cancelled or should it stay for good? Let us know in the comments!