• Vicky Ooi

What's on TikTok: Food Edition

If you haven’t downloaded TikTok yet, here’s another reason that you probably should. If you’re not a natural cook and still need to work on those cooking skills, TikTok can help you out.

Whether you’re looking for easy-to-make meals, plain-good eats, or just ASMR food videos, this list will definitely have something for you. Keep on reading for some of our favourite TikTok food accounts and remember not to watch them on an empty stomach!



Audrey creates fun and simple recipes that are easy to follow and entertaining to watch. She frequently takes food requests from her followers and turns them into actual recipes for everyone else to try out as well. While her food creations look adorable and delicious, it’s her bubbly personality and soft-spoken voice that makes her so relatable and fun to watch.



Started by a Japanese college student, the account @danouben makes the cutest japanese lunch boxes (Bentos) that will make you want to tune in to see what bentos he’ll be making next. His fast-paced videos are fun to watch and full of energy. And, with his animal-shaped bread and anime-inspired meals, he makes lunch something to look forward to.



Franz creates a wide variety of dishes from savoury to sweet. But what makes her stand out from others are her Filipino dishes that will make you want to try them out immediately.



@yoriyongd creates his food tutorial videos at 2x the speed along with his comedic commentary, which is what makes it so amusing to watch. He is most well-known for his “towoomba ramen” video which gained him over 10 million views globally.

@aldericc (SG)


Singaporean “Food nerd” Alderic creates food content that is filled with his passion for food with a dash of sarcasm. His videos always have entertaining side comments and jokes to keep the mood light and will definitely make you laugh along. Apart from cooking tutorials, his TikTok feed also features food reviews in Singapore, cooking tools and hacks.