• Iqaa Lee

What’s In Your Bag | 6 Summer Essentials That Everyone Should Have

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What time is it? It’s summer time! Yup, summer is not over yet. Sit back and relax.

Even summer, sometimes can be a bit of a mess for some people because of the very sunny and hot weather, but this season has always been a season that most people are waiting for. Having a barbeque with friends and family besides a pool under the sun with a glass of orange juice in your hand while reading will be something fun!

While we all are having fun for the summer, remember that no summer is complete without these summer essentials that we are going to share with you guys!

Everyone knows that summer will be a season where every day will be very hot and sunny. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this season.

Chin up and let’s start your summer with these 6 Summer Essentials That Everyone Should Have!

1. Sunglasses

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Besides protecting your eyes from the sun, it can also add some statement in your summer outfit. Hence, sunglasses have been part of the fashion trend since the beginning. Either day or night, summer or winter, there's always an excuse to wear sunglasses.

2. Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is a MUST have thing in your life! Whenever you step out of your house, applying sunscreen is the first thing you should do. Especially during the summer season where we will be exposed to the sun a lot. Sunscreen not only helps to protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) but it also helps your skin look much younger in the long term!

3. Scrunchie

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Under a very sunny day, obviously we will be sweating especially for those who have medium to long hair. We don’t want to look like a mess and still want to look chic all day long. Not only does it help to tie your long hair, but it also can up your style game and keep your hair from sticking to the back of your neck. With various styles and colors which can match every outfit, it definitely will look cute in every way.

4. Lip Balm

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Did you know that the skin on your lips is much thinner than the skin on your face? And our lips are easy to get dried and chapped. Especially during the summer season, our lips will get dry twice faster than usual. Using a lip balm will ensure that your lips are well hydrated and heal! Get a colored lip balm to add on some natural look on your face!

5. Face Mist

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There’s nothing that can replace face mist to keep your skin fresh. It gives your skin a burst of hydration and also a great way to recharge after a long sunny day! P/S: you don’t have to physically touch your face too. Just spray whenever you want.

6. Small water bottle

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Stay hydrated everyone. Having a small bottle of water in your bag during the summer season is something that everyone should consider and it is easy to bring it anywhere too!

So, what are your must-have summer essentials in your bag? Share with us in the comments section down below and have a great summer!