• Vicky Ooi

Uprising TikTok Trends in 2021

TikTok was the go-to app for many of us in 2020 as the source of entertainment from home. While the majority of us worked from home and did everything indoors, TikTok saw the rise in trends like TikTok duets, tutorials and informational content.

Setting the same pace for 2021, we are already starting to see trends that have started to dominate the platform. We believe that these trends will shape the growth of TikTok for the rest of 2021 and beyond which is why you should keep an eye on them too!


TikTok Stitches

While duet allows users to record alongside another TikTok video, Stitch offers users the option to crop existing videos to a certain part and add on a new recording. This allows users to collaborate with others while providing their own opinions, creative responses, or to take on an ongoing trend or challenge. An example would be the “Tell Me Without Telling Me” trend that generated many response videos that took advantage of the Stitch feature. This feature also indirectly solved the problem of giving proper credit to the original creator as the TikToks would be linked back to the original video.


Relatable Content

With the growing amount of content being posted on TikTok everyday, it’s hard to stand out and catch the eye of others. As much as you can try appearing more frequently on the “For You Page”, how will you be able to keep users interested in your video instead of swiping up? Be relatable. Many TikTok users have started to gain an increasing number of likes and followings with content that others can relate to. Psychology studies have proven that we tend to like people who are similar to us. Users tend to be interested in and enjoy watching TikToks that they can relate to or remind them of someone, whom they would share it to as well.


Promoting Music on TikTok

Without a doubt, TikTok has made big influential changes on the music industry. TIkTok can make songs from a long time ago or relatively unknown artists go viral overnight unintentionally. This is an era where consumers are choosing the songs they listen to based on how viral it is. Unlike other streaming platforms, where the algorithm recommends music based on your taste of music, it’s an equal chance on Tiktok where users can discover songs that they’ve never heard of, extending their reach even further.

Music artists are now turning to TikTok as the platform of choice to release their latest songs. Take Bella Poarch for instance, who used TikTok as the platform to release and promote her first single, Build A Bitch, after finding fame on TikTok through lip synching videos. The music video was a success as she surpassed 10 million views in a little over 17 hours after its release as it sparked beginnings of a TikTok trend.

The growth of TikTok has been nothing but impressive. It’s become so popular that YouTube is trying to catch up by releasing YouTube Shorts. As TikTok continues to grow globally, we are excited to see how they will continue to make changes that will change the way we consume social media.