• Iqaa Lee

Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands to Shop for

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As many of us know, Korea has been known as one of the most famous countries for all things beauty related, from makeup, to skin care, and to plastic surgery. Most of us will think of Korean skincare when we hear the term “K-beauty”, but there are so many makeup brands that deserve love too!

Korean makeup brands have evolved the global beauty space, by spiking their makeup products with skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid and green tea, that enhances our natural look while feeling good on our skin.

With the K-beauty market saturated with so many brands, it can be difficult for us to choose the right one out there, especially for those new to the K-beauty scene. But fret not, we’ve sorted out our Top 5 Korean Makeup Brands (and their top product) to put on your radar right now! Are you ready to spend all of your money on these brands?

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(Our top Pick: Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder)

Innisfree is probably one of the earliest Korean brands that successfully expanded and is well known all around Asia. With its affordable price tag and natural ingredients that are sourced locally in Korea, there are tons of good products to choose from. We’re especially big fans of their best selling “No Sebum Mineral Powder” that helps blur out pores while soaking up excess sebum and leave your skins looking smooth and velvety!

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(Our top Pick: Etude Play Color Eyeshadow Palettes)

Etude House is another classic brand when it comes to K-beauty. It has become one of the most recognized beauty brands in South Korea and beyond for their fun, cute, and colorful packaging. They offer a wide range of affordable products, from makeup, skincare, bodycare, and even haircare!

Etude House is constantly releasing new eyeshadow palettes throughout the year, with their “Etude Play Color Eyeshadow Palette” collection which is why we recommend checking them out as there is bound to be a color palette for you.

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(Our top Pick: CLIO Superproof Brush Liner)

Founded by a team of professional makeup artists, Clio Cosmetics is a true fan-favourite when it comes to K-beauty. They are most known for their waterproof eyeliner, known for creating a bold and edgy look, that took the makeup community by storm at one point of time. The fine-tipped eyeliner brush is able to create the finest lines and sharpest flicks that actually holds up against sweat and oil!

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04. 3CE

(Our top Pick: 3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush)

A brand started by fashion label STYLENANDA, 3CE is famous for its ridiculously good looking models and colors that go with almost everybody. Everything about it is just so aesthetically pleasing, from the product packaging itself to their Instagram feed that it’s hard to resist the urge to buy every single one of their products! Most of their products are highly pigmented and do not fall off easily which is why many opt to purchase 3CE products despite their mid-end price points.

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(Our top Pick: PERIPERA Ink The Velvet Lip Tints)

If you’re a fan of Lip Tints, you will definitely need to try out these ones by PERIPERA! While they offer a wide range of makeup products, the brand is most known for their innovative lip products. The Ink Velvet is one of their most long running popular lines with a wide variety of shades. Many have described it as having a light, airy mousse texture that doesn’t wear off easily, while leaving your lips feeling moisturized.

Which one of these brands have you tried? If you have any Korean brands that you think we should try out as well, let us know in the comment section down below!