• Vicky Ooi

TikTokers of Vietnam

According to a research carried out by Decision Lab, TikTok Vietnam’s audience has increased drastically in volume, especially among Gen Z users. TikTok has now become the source for the coolest trends and content among hip, young people in Vietnam. If you’re looking for new and fresh content on TikTok, check out these Vietnamese TikTokers:

Trà Đặng



Multitalented Trà Đặng is a well-known name in Vietnam. While she has a YouTube channel demonstrating her talent in singing and dancing, her TikTok mainly focuses on transformation videos. She smoothly transitions from one persona to another in a mix of Anime characters and Asian traditional wear, gaining 12.3M followers and 288.6M likes.

Ni Na Lê



If you are looking for inspiration on how to restyle your wardrobe staples, Ni Na is the go-to girl. Ni Na posts guides of how she builds an outfit that are also easy to recreate along with helpful tips for styling the pieces that you probably already have.

Sơn Hồng Phạm



When it comes to TikTok fashion icons for men, Sơn Hồng is IT. The Vietnam-based TikTok fashionista shares tips on styling certain clothing items and the essentials of everyday fashion that has earned him the title as one of TikTok Vietnam’s Top 10 Popular Fashion and Beauty Content Creator of 2020 with 1.6M followers and 21.5M likes.

Tri Phan



Just by looking at Tri Phan’s username, you can already tell that this guy is in love with his food. This gym junkie has garnered over 1.6M followers and 36.6M likes on his TikTok account with content sharing his fitness tips, workouts, cooking recipes and even Mukbangs! Although he resides in the U.S., more than 50% of his TikTok audience comes from Vietnam.

Tree Vo



Tree is an Asian American creator who creates hilarious Vietnamese-related content. Her videos poke fun at hilarious and relatable Southeast Asian scenarios like strict parents, awkward relatives and growing up as an Asian American. Her content is always spot on and super relatable, giving her over 146.3K followers and 2.5M likes on TikTok in less than a year her TikTok account was created.

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