• Vicky Ooi

TikTokers of South Korea

TikTok has been flourishing in South Korea and is almost surpassing YouTube to be the most downloaded media app in South Korea. TikTok is also starting to become the platform for famous Korean singers to release new songs and promote them through TikTok challenges featuring their songs. This week, we are celebrating 5 TikTokers in South Korea that we think you should check out as well!




For those with a love for food and ASMR, you probably won’t be able to stop watching videos from Jasmine! With a focus on Asian cuisine, Jasmine shows us a variety of easy to follow recipes ranging from a rich and creamy bowl of ramen to a refreshing cool ice cream mochi. There’s no doubt you’ll be hungry after browsing her feed!




If you’re ever curious about what it’s like living in South Korea as a foreigner, Rachel’s TikTok is for you. Rachel posts humorous content regarding her experiences and life in South Korea. Oh, and snippets of her adorable Shiba Inu, Mickey are a total plus! She also has a YouTube channel, DearSeoul where she vlogs about her life.

원정맨 WonJeong



WonJeong first went viral on TikTok as “CEO of Mamaaa,” with a clip of him calling his “mama” for help when his TikTok challenge failed. Since then, he has been recreating viral TikToks in amusing ways that has gained him 19.3M followers and 474.6M likes on TikTok.

창하 ChangHa



Chang Ha’s TikTok is known worldwide for his impressive visuals and entertaining content that is relatable to the younger generation. Most of his TikTok content are dances and short skits, racking up a whooping 13.8M followers and 180.2M likes!

지원패밀리 JiwonFamily



With 10.7M followers and 154.4M likes, JiwonFamily probably has the cutest father and son dance videos on TikTok Korea. And though they are a dance duo, little Jiwon is obviously the star, dancing at such a young age.

Every week, we feature our top 5 TikTokers from different Asian countries! Did we miss any TikTokers that we should’ve checked out? Let us know below or on our socials!