• Vicky Ooi

TikTokers of Singapore

We all know that TikTok has given rise to many social media influencers that have gone viral globally. This week, we have compiled a list of Singaporean TikTok influencers to check out!

Willabelle Ong



With her fashion game always on point, this fashion influencer gained herself popularity through her outfit inspirations and funny skits on TikTok. Willabelle Ong is the founder of Pale Division and a well-known fashion blogger based in Singapore.

Julie Tan



Julie is not just a TikTok personality, she is also a gamer on live streaming platform, Twitch. Aside from glimpses of her game stream, she has a variety of content including funny dances, lip-sync and lifestyle videos.

Ben Tang



Ben may seem familiar to many who watch YouTube as he has appeared on YouTube channels like Dee Kosh, JianHao Tan and Naomi Neo. With his wide variety of TikTok content, this influencer’s TikTok is definitely something you should keep your eyes on.

Engel Koh



A managing director of an events company by day, TikTok content creator by night, Engel creates content pursuing her passion for cooking. With her feed filled with cooking recipes and dining experiences in Singapore, it’s no wonder she is able to gain more than 25 million views in less than a year!

Zi Hao Low


Zi Hao is a second-year university student who has gone viral on TikTok for his kirigami (kinetic origami art) and craft creations. His creations can take up to 28 hours of work which is no wonder they look so fascinating!

Although these TikTok influencers have follower counts smaller than those like Bella Poarch, Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, we see big things for these TikTokers that make them stand out in Asia!