• Vicky Ooi

TikTokers of Malaysia

We featured Singaporean TikTokers that you should check out last week. This week, we will be featuring rising TikTokers from Malaysia that we think you should check out!




Jestinna Kuan is a well-known influencer and digital content creator in Malaysia. Though she is widely known with her sister (Christinna) for their fashion sense, her TikTok focuses on dance covers and TikTok trending covers.




Malaysian entrepreneur and popular foodie, Khairul Aming is well known on TikTok for his Malaysian food cooking tutorials. For 2021, he is doing a “30 Hari 30 Resepi” (“30 days 30 recipes”) where he will be posting daily for Ramadan.




Sabrina is a mechanical engineering student studying in Seoul, South Korea. Her fun and bubbly personality shines in her videos that include funny duets, dance challenges and TikTok skits.

Wing Keh + Keith



Tiktok All-Star Southeast Asia 2019’s 1st runner up, Wing Keh and Keith are the true definition of TikTok #couplegoals in Malaysia. The duo posts dance videos and TikTok challenges, but are more famous for their tutorials on taking creative photography.



Angel gained her fame through her TikTok and currently has 4.7M followers. Her TikTok content is composed mainly of her looking cute while dancing to the latest TikTok songs. She is also a gamer who streams live on Twitch and TikTok.