• Vicky Ooi

TikTokers of Indonesia

In case you didn’t know, the TikTok community in Indonesia is huge. It’s so big that they even had an award event for TikTok creators, TikTok Awards Indonesia 2020. Check out these TikTokers hailing from Indonesia, who have been keeping us amused with their TikTok content and are each making names in their niches.

Tamara Dai

( @tamaradai_ )


For the pop culture obsessed, Tamara is your girl to go to. This TikTok fashion influencer draws outfit inspiration from popular shows, icons and fictional characters that are requested by her followers. She has created outfits based on shows that you’d never expect like Barney, Mr. Bean, and Winnie the Pooh.

Alsa Aqilah



If you’re on TikTok, chances are that you’ve probably seen Alsa on your FYP, often making song covers of TikTok viral songs. With her pure and angelic voice, it’s hard to believe that she is already 18 years old! One of her most viewed TikToks is an English cover of the TikTok famous song, Renai Circulation.

Natya Shina Nandana



Natya became famous for being part of an Indonesian dance group, Pink Panda that draws inspiration from Black Pink. She has grown a strong following on TikTok for her choreography and dance skills, racking up over 12.4M likes.

Jharna Bhagwani



Named the winner of the TikTok Awards Indonesia 2020 for Fashion and Beauty, Jharna uses her platform for everything from everyday makeup looks to creating magical, ethereal and otherworldly looks. Before TikTok came along, Jharna was already posting makeup tutorials and DIY costume props on YouTube at the age of 12. This probably explains why her makeup skills are madly impressive to earn her 9.8M followers on TikTok.

Dwynna Win



If there’s one word to describe Dwynna’s TikTok videos, it’s unpredictable. She calls herself a 22 year-old woman trapped in a 16 year-old body, and after watching her TikToks, you’ll know why. You would think that her comedy content would be the same as most TikTokers out there, which is not the case. Her TikToks usually start off with a typical comedy punchline before it takes a twist into something you would never have thought of!

With its short, fun and quirky content, it’s no wonder why TikTok has become a favorite app amongst Indonesians. These Indonesian TikTokers are killing it out there with their creativity.


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