• Vicky Ooi

Thought-Provoking Ads that Really Make You Think

Some of the best ads are those that will make you look and think twice about the world and yourself. Interestingly, the ads that created a lasting impression for us were the ones created for “boring” products, such as life insurances, telecom companies, etc. Standing out amongst the competition with unique content is key to enabling them to gain word-of-mouth virality.

Surprising Elements

Many of these ads usually start with an unrelated scenario, where they pave a story to deliver their message. This way, they get to capture the audiences’ heart from the beginning, keeping them in suspense and surprising them only when the brand/product is revealed. You’ll notice how the brand/product always shows up right after a twist that has a surprise element, giving it a double positive effect and a lasting impression.

Close to the Heart

Advertisers also tend to use everyday life scenes and stories that hit close to our hearts. These ads hit the elements of the human psyche, triggering strong emotions like sadness, fear, or excitement to engage us on a deeper level. Whether or not it successfully markets the product is debatable, but it definitely leaves an impression on the audience.

Without giving away too much about the story, here are 5 ads that exude the points elaborated above.

Warning: Tears ahead!


Smile for Life


An ad made for a campaign by THAI Smile Airways and Thai Red Cross Society Organ Donation Center, that taps into how THAI Smile as a carrier transporting donated organs from donors to individuals waiting for transplantation have helped make a difference while conveying hope and smiles from donors to patients.


Giving is the Best Communication


Made for a Thai telecom company, the ad perfectly describes the virtues of generosity without expecting any returns. Fate eventually returns the favor that changes the destiny of their lives, as the saying goes about karma.


Boss Da Market


This one speaks so much about the world that we live in now, where a lot of people tend to judge others without knowing the full story. It speaks to the dangers of fake news and reflects real events happening all over the world that have been triggered by one-sided stories that twist the truth.


Toyota Japan


A touching commercial from Toyota Japan where they ask parents and children the same questions and see how the responses are so different.


The Taste that Money Can’t Buy


While telling the stories of young overseas dreamers who have left home to chase their dream, it’ll remind you of how we take family for granted and often overlook them. Something that money can never buy us.

These ads were made to stay in our minds and to be frank, we’ll hardly forget them! Which one got to you the most? Let us know!