• Vicky Ooi

The LinkedIn Content Strategy

LinkedIn is a great tool to help you connect with potential investors, job candidates, and industry leaders. And the key to success of this is to know what to post on LinkedIn. Today, the WILD team is sharing ways for you to create an effective LinkedIn content strategy to help you reach those goals.

The Content Strategy

In order to create a content strategy that works for your business, you should start with an outline of what you want to do.

01. Outline Your Goals

By setting marketing goals, you will be able to keep your progress on track. It is also a good opportunity to consider how LinkedIn’s audience can fit into your objectives. Having a deep understanding of what you want to accomplish through LinkedIn is essential to plan your strategy. LinkedIn, for example, can help you achieve goals like:

  • Attracting talents for job openings

  • Raising brand awareness with industry professionals

  • Improving employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Building relationships with industry leaders, potential investors, etc.

02. Create your Content Strategy

After you have a clear image of what you want to achieve, build a content strategy that supports those goals. An example would be posting about your milestone achievements as your business grows in order to raise your brand awareness with industry professionals and attract potential investors.

By keeping your goals at the core when creating your content strategy, you will be able to create strategies that will drive you towards it.

What should you post on LinkedIn?

These are a few ways that we think can help you reach new audiences and grow in terms of brand awareness and followers.

Inspirational Storytelling

The more inspirational and motivating your story is, the better. Authentic storytelling works for almost any brand or business. You can have stories about personal development or experiences, as long as they are real-life stories that have built your business journey into what it is today.

Employee Spotlight

In order to attract new talents into your business, give people a little insight about what it’s like to work with you. Showcase existing employees behind your brand, and let people hear firsthand from the people in the company. This can make your business seem more genuine and personable.

Interactive Content

When you share highly interactive content that encourages readers to like, comment, and share, it speeds up your growth on the app. LinkedIn also has many features that are designed to encourage interactions between its users like, LinkedIn Polls, used to collect clicks on your posts (content).

Increase employee retention rate by creating posts that encourage the discussion about employee benefits. You can also drive your product awareness by asking for feedback on your latest progress and development.

Career Advice, Events and Opportunities

Users on LinkedIn usually utilize it for career development. Therefore, it’s important that you share content that align with this intent. Interview advice, job listings, and career tips can become huge hits when promoting an engaged community. With the new LinkedIn Live feature, you can host panel chats on trending topics and interact with others.

LinkedIn is often overlooked as a marketing channel, but with clear goals and the right content strategy, it will be able to help you build business relationships, look for new hires, and also conduct effective marketing.