• Vicky Ooi

The Secret Ingredient to Shareable Content

When a person clicks on the thumbs up button of a YouTube video; or when they double tap the heart icon on your post, it only suggests that someone took the time to click on that button and doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually went through the content. Then, in such an instance, how can you be sure that people actually see and love your content? The answer is: sharing. To share something is to essentially say, “This made me think,” or “This is something that I can relate to.”

When an interesting post gets shared, it’s available for all friends of the sharer and, if their friends decide to repost it, the post gets featured on their own profiles as well. A post can easily go viral within a short span of time if this cycle continues and the circle expands on and on. It’s not easy to have consistently fresh content that people want to read and share. It is impossible to solely rely on your instincts and it requires thorough planning.




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Curiosity is a fundamental human trait. Everyone is curious and there’s no denying it. (And let’s be honest - how many of you actually tried the handwritten message tip above.) One way to create curiosity with your content that will make them check it out and share it out is with information gaps. Information gaps are similar to trailers for movies that are coming out. They tell you about something that is coming; but doesn’t give you the full story and details. They make you want to see more.




Social media accounts that get followings online often have content and approaches that are unique, interesting, and different from everything out there. This makes them stand out and noticeable. Every brand’s personality is different and if you can reflect your brand personality in every content you post, that is what’s going to make you unique and stand out.


Emotional Response


Social media is an emotional media. People tend to share content that affects their feelings - things that make them sad, shocked or inspired. Take Thai ads for instance. You’ve probably seen it on your social media feed because someone shared it because it made them cry. When it comes to this type of content, the headline is important. The headline should also elicit the same emotion as the content itself so that people are attracted to click in out of curiosity.




Not everybody enjoys nor has the time to read through a lengthy article. If people don’t read it, there will be no chances of them sharing it. Hence, it is important to add visuals to spread out lengthy texts and make the content interesting. Infographics are also a good way to represent a great volume of information into easily read content.


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