• Vicky Ooi

Pinoy TikTokers to Check Out

This week, we are bringing to you Filipino TikTokers who have been dominating TikTok globally.

Andrea Brillantes



Named by TikTok Philippines as one of the most popular celebrities on the platform in 2020, Andrea Brillantes has over 12M followers on TikTok. She is best known in the Philippines for her roles in TV shows Annaliza and Kadenang Ginto. Her TikTok is a mishmash of dance videos and lip-syncing videos.

Andree Camile



At only 18 years of age, Andree Camile or AC Bonifacio has achieved so much in her career. She has had appearances on various TV shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Riverdale, Almost Paradise to name a few. Her TikTok account, with over 5M followers, is filled with videos of her dancing, singing and goofing around.

Lyn Lapid



Lyn Lapid is a Filipino-American who became viral after she made a TikTok about her disappointing experience with a music producer. She entertains her over 3.8M followers with her brassy voice, posting duets, song covers and her original music, among others.

Niana Guerrero



Some may know her as the little girl from the “Killer Clown Car Prank on Sister” video by her brother, Ranz Kyle. 15 year-old Niana Guerrero has over 24.2M followers on TikTok where she flaunts her flawless dance moves with her equally talented siblings, Ranz Kyle and Natalia.

Miko Manguba



With his soothing voice and charismatic looks, singer-songwriter Miko Manguba charms his followers on TikTok with song covers, mashups, duet videos and “finish the lyrics” challenges.

Was there anyone that we missed or should check out as well? Let us know below!