• Vicky Ooi

Nanda | Get to Know WILD Talents

Hi Nanda, we’re so happy to have you as part of the WILD family. First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers!

Nanda: Hi guys! My name is Nanda and I'm from Indonesia! I’m currently working as a model for a clothing line while also content creating on the side. I’m also in the process of starting my own fashion brand that will be coming up very soon! *wink wink

What does a typical day in your week look like?

Nanda: Oh boy! If there’s one word to describe it, it would be HECTIC! Recently my days have been more focused on the preparation work for my upcoming clothing line. If I’m not filming videos, I’m most probably taking product photos and brainstorming for marketing ideas for the release. Things have been getting very busy and I have no time to think about anything else, let alone guys. Hahaha.

Who was your inspiration for starting your career?

Nanda: I would say that I inspire myself to start my career. I always looked up to people who were able to motivate and inspire others with what they do. And that was also what I felt that I wanted to do, be able to inspire others through positive vibes and the passion for what I do.

What is your most memorable memory of your career so far?

Nanda: Joining the WILD family! Before joining WILD, I was actually a fan of the company and have been keeping an eye on their growth from day 1. One day, I got a message from Leonard on TikTok about joining WILD and that was probably the best day ever!

What do you like the most being part of the WILD team?

Nanda: Being part of a team is definitely something new in my career. I am honored to be able to be a part of the WILD family, being able to enjoy creating content that I love and growing along with WILD. Everybody in WILD is like family and are always so welcoming every time I meet them and I hope to be able to visit Korea real soon.

Give us a fun fact about yourself!

Nanda: I wanted to be a comedian when I was growing up. I am always the funny one among my friends back in Indonesia and that was what got me thinking about that.


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