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Leisure Activities Only in Seoul

There are far too many things that you can do in Korea for leisure. Apart from the widely known karaoke or cafe hopping, here are a few more things that you can add on your list of things to do when you’re in Korea that you just might not be able to find elsewhere. Here are 5 different activities that you can try out in Seoul to experience a different side on your next trip to Seoul!


Escape Rooms

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A fun team activity that can probably be found in many different countries globally, an escape room requires team effort where everyone has to work together in order to solve clues and accomplish specific goals in one or more rooms to “escape” the game site within a set time. Most escape rooms come with their own theme which makes the game a little more interesting for everybody.


Crime Scene Cafe

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Based off of the Korean TV show, “Crime Scene”, Crime Scene Cafes are role playing games set in a mystery murder scene. Players are each assigned a role as either the murderer, suspect, or detective. Players have to find clues available on scene to either clear themselves as suspects, dig into the whole truth behind the case, and/or seek out the real murderer.


Yeouido Hangang Park

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Situated along the Han River, Yeouido Hangang Park is probably one of the most iconic parks of Korea. There is a spacious field where you can enjoy picnics, and bike lanes where you can ride a bike or skateboard. Convenience stores and a variety of restaurants are also located nearby and within the park which is great for those who want to grab some snacks while enjoying their time at the park.


Life4cut Self Studio (인생네컷)

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If you’ve ever been to Korea in recent years, chances are that you’ve probably passed by this place during your trip. 인생네컷 (translated as “4 Cuts of Life”) is a self serve shop with multiple photo booths for people to take pictures with their friends. Most locations also have props available onsite, free for use. There are different filters and color options for you to choose from and after choosing your best 4 cuts, a complete photo strip with the chosen photos will be ready for you to take home.


Korean Palaces (궁)

Korean palaces (pronounced as “gung” in Korean) are also a representative symbol and culture of South Korea. There isn’t just one palace in Korea, but 4 - “Gyeongbokgung”, “Deoksugung”, “Changgyeonggung”, and “Changdeokgung”. Each palace represents each of the 4 directions: east, west, north, with the exception of south, which is replaced with the center (of Seoul). You’ll be able to experience and learn about the origin of Korean culture while touring these palaces and maybe even get a few Instagram worthy shots! Double win!