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Jessica Carrie Lee | Get to Know WILD Talents

A new addition to the WILD Family - Jessica Lee is an American influencer, model and entrepreneur. We recently spoke to her to learn more about her!

Hi, Jessica! Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hey everyone, my name is Jessica Carrie Lee and I am a lifestyle, beauty and fashion creator. I am a recent grad from UCLA and my goal is to uplift and inspire my audience to chase their dreams through my content!

What does a typical day in your week look like?

Every day is different and a new adventure! I wake up and often take my dog for a walk. Then I like to make breakfast, make coffee or tea, and then do my makeup for the day. I set out to my first meetings of the day - normally meetings are in the morning, but I work with teams from international time zones so I’m usually on call.

Other days I’m busy packing up my company Manifest’s orders and shipping them out, or at events learning about skincare and tech.

Who was your inspiration for starting your career?

My mom is my inspiration for starting my career - she always told me that I should be a fashion magazine editor because of how much I liked beauty & fashion (which I totally got from her!) Along those lines, I fell into being a content creator in college. I love learning about the latest and greatest, and sharing them with my mom (who taught me all I know!). She is my favorite person to talk about beauty and fashion with!

What is your most memorable memory of your career so far?

My favorite memory in my career so far is traveling with my team to partner with the Home Hotel in Taiwan. I’ve always wanted to visit Taiwan and it was a dream to work with the same Michelin hotel chain that one of my favorite series, Worth It, also collaborated with.

What would you say is the best part about your career?

Best part about my career is meeting incredible people who are super creative and inspiring, while trying new foods and experiences!

Please give us a fun fact about yourself!

I actually got into content creation because long story short, I used to be a competitive gymnast but then fractured my back! I’m lucky to have retired, healed, and found the path I’m on now creating content.


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