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Hella Ben | Get to Know WILD Talents

Hella first started uploading her makeup looks on her Instagram purely out of her interest in makeup and beauty. Little did she know that, one day, she would be able to turn her hobby into a career for herself! We recently talked to Hella to learn more about her as she joins the WILD family!

Hi Hella, welcome to the WILD family! First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hella: Hi guys! I’m Hella and I'm 25 years old. My nationality is Tunisian but I was born and raised in Denmark, Copenhagen. I’m a certified makeup artist, content creator, and model. I create most of my content on Instagram, focusing on beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

Hella: So, my typical day is pretty basic. I like to start my day with my morning coffee. Sometimes when I’m not too lazy, I might do some pilates or yoga at home to get my body started for the day. After that, I usually meet up with my friends who, by the way, are amazing and help me take pictures for content that I have planned to shoot that day!

There are also days where I just stay at home. I usually watch K-dramas, paint, experiment with makeup looks and catch up on my work that I have to complete.

Who was your inspiration for starting your career?

Hella: I don’t have a specific person who inspired my career, to be honest. I just remember that I used to watch a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube and felt inspired to post my own makeup looks on Instagram. Surprisingly, a lot of my makeup looks got reposted onto bigger Instagram profiles, which helped me gain a lot of followers and grow. After that, I just felt even more inspired to keep creating quality beauty content.

What is the most memorable part of your career so far?

Hella: Getting recognized by some of my favourite celebrities in the beauty industry, like Fenty Beauty (by Rihanna), Rare Beauty (by Selena Gomez), Haus Laboratories (by Lady Gaga), and Huda Beauty (by Huda Kattan). It was especially at those moments that I felt like I had made the right choices in deciding to go down this career path.

What would you say is the best part about your career?

Hella: I would say the best part of my career is that I have been able to meet and connect with so many amazing people and brands from all over the world, and the opportunity to engage with my audience.

And, of course, if it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t have been able to meet you guys from the WILD family!


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