• Vicky Ooi

Going Live on Social Media

Clubhouse created a revolution in social media when it debuted as an exclusive, invitation-only audio platform, similar to a podcast but in real time. The app allows users to spontaneously drop into a conversation room to listen or participate in a discussion on specific topics while continuing their daily routines.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have also jumped onto the trend in order to compete with Clubhouse by offering similar, if not more features. Here are some of the Clubhouse alternatives that have (or will be) launching this year that we think you should keep an eye for.

Twitter Spaces


Similar to Clubhouse, Audio Spaces allows users to host and participate in live audio conversations. Each Space allows up to 11 speakers at the same time or one when the mic is given by the host. Captions of the speakers can also be seen by listeners, a feature not offered by Clubhouse.

Instagram Live


While Instagram Live has been around for a while now, it always had one limitation: You could only go live with one other person at a time. Instagram recently expanded this feature with “Live Rooms”, inspired by Clubhouse, that lets up to four people join a live session at once. The video aspect makes Instagram Live Rooms unique while it is still the same as other clubhouse alternatives where the idea is to create casual interactions and discussions between creators (host) and the audience.

Facebook Live


The social media giant has been working on the launch of voice chat rooms which is set to launch this summer. Facebook’s version will allow creators to monetize their live audio rooms through the Facebook’s Stars donation system. They will also offer rooms that are accessible through a subscription. Unlike Clubhouse, creators have a choice to turn the live conversation into a podcast, providing more ways to use the content

We can see Clubhouse has a huge influence on social media platforms and how everybody is trying their best to stay in the competition. Do you think that these alternatives will be as successful as Clubhouse?