• Iqaa Lee

Emily Mei's first single 'My Domain', featuring SORN and AMBER LIU

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Emily Mei, or best known as Emily Ghoul on social media, is an actress, content creator and social media influencer. She has recently released her debut single ‘My Domain’, featuring K-POP stars Sorn and Amber Liu.

This single was an independent production, where Emily was involved in most of the production. She played a huge part in writing the song, and the roles of a director, producer and stylist!

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Besides collaborating with her two best friends, Sorn and Amber Liu, Emily mentioned that she has been working on this idea for over 2 years and finally had the means to turn this dream into a reality. This music video for 'My Domain' was drawn from both K-pop multiverse and anime with futuristic elements. It shows thrilling animated fight sequences created by award-winning studio CHAVVO Animation.

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According to Emily, through this music she wants to express that we don't need anyone to show who we are, but only ourselves. This powerful message is evident through the characters in the music video.

If you guys haven’t heard of the song yet, you should definitely check it out!