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Easy Korean Recipes to Make with Jasmine

Korean food cooking can seem intimidating to many at first because of the effort it takes to get all the ingredients that need advance preparation. In fact, there are many Korean dishes that are simple to make and delicious.

To help you bring the Korean food experience into the comfort of your own home, here are 5 recipes that Jasmine thinks are quick and easy to make! These recipes don’t require any complex techniques nor equipment, making them recipes that you should definitely try making!



소뗙 소떡 (So-tteok So-tteok), whose name comes from the Korean words “So” (sausage) and “Tteok” (rice cake), is among the variety of snacks that you can get at highway rest stops. It is essentially a combination of sausages and rice cake held on a wooden stick, brushed with a layer of spicy, sweet and tangy gochujang that is grilled over a fire.



Tteokbokki is probably one of the most well known dishes that represent Korean food. This cheese tteokbokki features the same tteokbokki, smothered in sweet and spicy gochujang sauce but with an additional layer of cheese on top that will definitely level up your tteokbokki experience.



콘치즈 (Korean corn cheese) is a side dish that is commonly served and eaten with Korean BBQ. It is usually prepared in an insert ring that goes around the actual grill or brought to the table in one of those Korean stone pots. This dish is great to have with a cool refreshing drink or as a dip!



핫도그 (pronounced as “hot dog) is a double fried corn dog. The batter is usually sweeter than the usual corndogs that you would get elsewhere. Some people enjoy eating mini Korean corn dogs that are sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with ketchup. Surprisingly, the flavors go pretty well with the sweet crunchy batter whereas the ketchup makes a great sauce for the hot dog inside.



부대찌개 (prounounced as “buddae jjigae) is a dish that was created during the World War 2 by Korean soldiers who would make do using food rations from the US. What resulted, though, was a warm and comforting pot of spicy, savory and delicious stew which has now become a popular dish from Korea. You can almost think of it like a Korean version of Hot pot that is perfect for cold days.

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