• Vicky Ooi

Content Creators in Korea to Check Out

With the massive amount of content uploaded on YouTube daily, it can be difficult to keep up with the content you like. In some cases, you might not even know where to begin. Biggest doesn’t always mean the best, and a content creator with millions of subscribers doesn’t necessarily mean that those channels are producing high-quality content.

Right now, getting lost in a rabbit hole of vlogging videos from content creators abroad on YouTube is the closest we are going to get to flying there. With travelling restrictions still in place in most parts of the world, the WILD team is bringing to you content creators based in South Korea to let you explore South Korea from the comfort of your bed and get endlessly inspired for your next trips here!

*This list is based on personal liking and who we found to be fun to watch.



Erna Limdaugh

Erna is a proud Indonesian who has gained fame from her eponymous YouTube channel. While she creates a lot of relaxing style vlogs about her life in South Korea, she also covers a variety of topics like domestic travelling, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her videos will make you want to travel to many different places in South Korea and experience places that you may have already been again!


Kieun Choi

Kieun, is a Korean American who grew up in the U.S. but has moved back to South Korea after graduating from college. She is known for her cafe hopping vlogs where she brings her viewers along as she visits the latest trending cafes and hotspots in Seoul. For those of you who want to know the top spots to visit in Seoul, check out Kieun’s channel!


The World of Dave

The World of Dave is the brainchild of Dave who brings content that highlights cultural and language differences through comedy and satire. As a viewer, you are given an insight into the ways certain cultural customs differ. And, if you’re wondering how an American can cover true Korean culture, Dave can speak fluent Korean and has lived in South Korea for over 10 years now, you can say he is more Korean than many Koreans.


Sabrina Azhar

Sabrina is a Malaysian studying in Seoul, South Korea. She makes a variety of upbeat and fun videos about her life in Seoul. She talks about everything from her experience living in Seoul as a Muslim, fun vlogs travelling in South Korea, and culture differences between Malaysia and Korea.


Rachel Cha

A newer content creator into the YouTube world is Korean Canadian, Rachel Cha. Rachel moved back to Korea during the pandemic and documents her life exploring South Korea after living most of her life in Vancouver.


Nalu Saram

Nalu has been running her channel ever since her days as a student in Korea University. She takes you along into her life as a Latin American living in South Korea while she introduces the latest Korean pop culture, beauty, and fashion trends from Seoul.



These super goofy and quirky Korean twins, Qwon and Qjin are known as Q2HAN on YouTube. They started off as a fashion channel but have now evolved into content featuring the latest K-fashion, K-leisure activities, K-beauty and things that are unique to South Korea. The duo have recently been taking on different types of 24-Hour challenges as part of their content, like eating only vending machine food, going zero waste, eating only canned food, etc.

Every content creator is constantly trying to make great, entertaining content to help their audience stay busy and entertained wherever they are. These vloggers in South Korea provide great content and let you know more about Korean culture, places to eat, places to visit, and the way of life in South Korea.

Who are some content creators based in Korea that you follow? Let us know below!