• Iqaa Lee

Cafe Hopping in Seoul with Erna!

If you guys have been following “The Journal” articles, you would know that we've already explored a bunch of cafes in Seoul before with our WILD Talents Kieun Choi and Sabrina. And this time, we have Erna!

Cafe hunting is undoubtedly one of the hot trends that this generation loves to do. Besides being able to hang out with friends while having nice drinks and dessert, a lot of cafes these days also bring a variety of unique interior concepts that make people want to take pictures of. That’s what we call “for the gram”!

1. Rhubarb_루바브

First on the list is Rhubarb cafes, located in Mapo-gu, Seoul. Not only do they have coffee and dessert, but they also serve a variety of food such as spaghetti and pancakes with eggs. While this cafe might not be one of the largest cafes in Seoul, but the minimal interior with all-white feels like home!

2. Cafe Zino

Next on the list is Cafe Zino, located at Paju, South Korea. The cafe has classic British interior design and was featured in one of the most famous K-Dramas, "Goblin". Not only does the cafe give you very classic vibes, but it also makes us feel like we are in another country.

3. Silhouette Coffee

Third but definitely not least, is another cozy, minimal and aesthetic cafe located in Mapo-gu, Seoul. For dog lovers, you can play with the cute little puppies while enjoying your coffee.

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