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Brian | Get To Know WILD Talents

Hi Brian! It’s great to finally meet you! Before we start, tell us a bit more about yourself!

Brian: Hi, I’m Brian, also known as “brianblackisavailable” on Instagram. I'm currently working as a freelancer for a medical tourism company here in Seoul. I also create content online and am mainly active on Instagram and TikTok. My goal is to be able to dive into the entertainment industry and ultimately work my way into becoming a TV personality!

What have you been up to, these days?

Brian: Right now, I am focusing on creating content for YouTube with an old friend of mine. Things are still at an initial stage, where we are experimenting around with various types of content to work with. I have also been working with other talented creators here in Seoul on various projects so you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from me in the future!

Who has been your inspiration for starting your career?

Brian: My biggest inspiration is my aunt. She has gone through a rough patch for the past 53 years. Her fiancé passed away and she recently got divorced due to mental issues; However, she managed to find a stable job and a place to live in the U.S. She always reminds me that perseverance is the key to success and happiness.

What has been your most memorable experience throughout your career, so far?

Brian: Meeting up with Sabrina Azhar, who is also part of the WILD family, for the first time. Back in 2020, I was struggling with some family issues, which made me turn to drinking (alcohol) to cope with my problems. After meeting up with her, things sort of took a turn for the better. I got a job in the medical tourism field; And, on top of that, got the opportunity to meet and collaborate with so many talented creators on YouTube!

What would you say is the best part of your career?

Brian: It hasn’t been long since I started focusing more on my career as a content creator. So, the best part of it so far would have to be working with Blimey. I recently finished filming for the latest season of “3 & More”. I have been single for almost 4 years now, so being able to join this series was definitely exciting for me, since I have been open to dating for so long now.

Give us 5 interesting facts about yourself! Just any!


  • I'm allergic to cats.

  • I have dyslexia.

  • I’m a guy who believes in true love and destiny. (don’t judge)

  • I wanna have 5 kids in the future.

  • I actually have a number of Japanese relatives on my mom’s side but I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t know how to speak Japanese.


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