• Erny K.

BEN TANG on starting afresh and moving to Korea

27-year-old Singaporean content creator, Ben Tang has made a name for himself in the Singapore YouTube community, having appeared in numerous short films and YouTube videos over the last few years.

We sat down with Ben over Zoom as he shared with us his goals and aspirations for the coming years. After having recently signed with Wild Entertainment, Ben plans to move to South Korea within this year.

When asked what was the driving factor for him making this huge decision to move- Ben shared that through creating content in South Korea, he hopes to be the bridge linking both the Singaporean and Korean culture. There is a deep sense that he is very driven and has a huge love for the Singaporean culture.

"My goal is to come up with a lot of good content for my audience. I hope to work on my own identity and overcome any obstacles that I face along the way."

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