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Please introduce yourself and what you do.

Audrey: Hi my name is Audrey and I’m a content creator based in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been doing this for maybe around a year now, so I’d say I’m still relatively new to the content creation and social media space. I do TikTok and Instagram and I’m hoping to expand into YouTube soon. My content is mainly based around food (sharing simple cooking/baking recipes) and lifestyle, and I’m very lucky to have worked with brands including KitchenAid Australia, Universal Music Australia, and more prominent Australian brands.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

Audrey: It starts with coffee—a lot of coffee. So I’m first and foremost a content writer/copywriter, so that takes priority in my weekday. I work freelance so if I have any meetings I’ll prepare for them, or if any clients have any work/edits that need to be completed I’ll do those. And then, I’ll carry on with the rest of my day. This consists of replying emails, then either filming, recipe testing, or editing videos I’ve already filmed. Also, I should mention that on a typical day in my week I’ll eat pretty basic or healthy—the food on my social media is quite misleading! I definitely don’t eat like that every day.

Who was your inspiration for starting your career?

Audrey: I don’t know if there’s a who, but there’s definitely a what. That is, COVID-19. I don’t think I would’ve started this journey if it weren’t for the pandemic, which is a strange thing to say that something positive came out of the pandemic in general. But it’s true—I had plenty of time stuck at home because Australia’s lockdown laws were quite strict. I wanted to stay productive, so one day I just decided to record myself baking at home and upload it onto TikTok, and I guess the rest is history. But along the way, I’d say a lot of other creators I’ve met and befriended online, in particular food creators, have inspired me to continue.

What is the most memorable memory of your career, so far?

Audrey: I’d probably say the people I’ve met along the way. I think in terms of connectivity, social media’s given me the opportunity to meet so many great people from around the world that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to meet.

What would you say is the best part about your career?

Audrey: Being able to connect with others. I think through using social media I’ve been able to not only meet and make friends with so many others from around the world, but also create a community of people who are also into food and cooking/baking. By far, my favourite thing is when people send me DMs on Instagram with pictures attached of food they’ve made using recipes I’ve shared. It’s always really nice to know that people are actually engaging with my content and are learning new things. Or even when people just reach out to tell me that they like the content I’m making—it’s really heartwarming.

Give us a fun fact/interesting fact/surprising fact about yourself.

Audrey: I recently did the Myers-Briggs personality test, and I found out that I’m an ENTJ. Uhh.. what else is interesting? I used to be able to solve a Rubik’s cube. Don’t know if I still can though!


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