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Alvy | Get To Know WILD Talents

Alvynna Joseph, also known as Alvy (missalvy) online is no stranger to the social media scene in Malaysia. Alvy’s TikTok is particularly a favourite for us, here at the WILD team. Ever wondered how Alvy seems to juggle between 3 different social platforms? Read on and find out!

Please introduce yourself.

Alvy: Hello! My name is Alvy, also known as “missalvy” on social media. Some of my followers may know me as “Aunty Lianvy” because of my TikToks where I act like an aunty, haha! I’m a full time content creator and I focus on creating content to make people smile and laugh (*hehe), I also host on TV and do acting sometimes, so if you’re in Malaysia you may be able to spot me on TV! I also own a wellness business where I teach people how to be healthy and find confidence in themselves.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

Alvy: When it's not a full lockdown in Malaysia, I usually schedule shoots most of the time. But since Malaysia is in a lockdown, I have been focusing a lot on self improvement at home, like reading, learning new recipes, workout, and watching netflix if i'm lazy. And, of course, creating content too.

Who was your inspiration for starting your career?

Alvy: Hmm… Jenn Im! I've been watching her videos since my teenage years and during her “clothes encounters” days! I was amazed at how, just by sharing about your life on social media, you can create a career out of it too. So yeah, I think she was my very first inspiration!

What are some of the most memorable and best parts about your career?

Alvy: There are too many and it would probably take forever to list them all! I think the most memorable ones are mostly the sponsored trips I get to go with brands. It’s usually very fun and I get to meet a lot of new friends too! I think the best part about my career is that I'm able to make someone smile and inspire them with the content that I put out on social media.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

Alvy: An interesting fact? This one might sound weird and random but I can burp infinite times? Is that an interesting fact? Or a weird one?

Here’s another one! I’m actually an adrenaline junkie even though I may not necessarily look like one! So I really love solo travelling. The challenge of being alone in a foreign country just excites me! Oh, and also, I went to a BTS concert for free in Jeju in 2015 but didn't know who they were when they performed. But I have been crushing on them ever since!


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