• Iqaa Lee

5 Tips to Stay Productive During the Pandemic

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We all know that this pandemic hasn’t been easy for everyone. We have already faced this pandemic situation for almost 2 years and it's getting to the point where it makes us feel unmotivated. Not only that, but for some, it affects our mental health too until we reach the stage where we don’t feel like doing anything anymore.

Working from home is not for everyone and with this new norm, everyone has to get used to it. We used to hang out with friends, travel, go to the office and do outside activities, but now we’re only connected via zoom calls.

So, how do we ensure we’re continuing to make the best out of this pandemic?

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1. Make a schedule

Having a schedule or a to-do-list will motivate you to get yourself up. Getting something done can give you a sense of achievement, which can also help you to go through your day. Try to do something small everyday, like reading a book, watching movies or attending an online course! Remember, small progress is still progress.

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2. Create new activities with people around you

Maybe this is the time for us to take this opportunity to spend more time with our family and friends (via FaceTime of course). Try to bake or cook together with your family, have a movie or board game session after dinner - these activities aren’t just fun, but they can bring you closer to the people around you too!

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3. Read a book or watch motivational videos

If you’re a bookworm, having a target on how many books you can finish in a certain period of time is a fun activity. But if this is something new for you, take this as a challenge during this pandemic. Challenge yourself to read at least one book a month and gain some knowledge from it!

Or you can watch motivational videos on any social media platform, it helps to boost your inner energy too.

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4. Learn a new skill

In today's world, everything can be accessed through the internet and learning a new skill can benefit you in the future. If you want to start singing, go ahead and book your first lesson! Or perhaps start learning new languages which you can apply for your future work application too. There's nothing to regret about learning something new.

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5. Drink tea and meditate

It is easier said than done but sometimes, our mindset is the most important thing to keep us moving during this tough time. We attract what we think of. After you wake up, try to have some hot tea, take a deep breath and let everything negative go and replace it with positive thoughts! It might be hard but the key here is to trust the whole process.

Hey, even though we are in a tough phase, let’s try to break this wall! Chin up and let's go through this together. What are some of your own tips to staying productive?