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4 Chic Ways to Wear a Simple White Shirt | Yuqing

A white dress shirt is a closet essential that can be translated in every part of your life. There’s something so timeless about it, like a blank canvas full of endless outfit possibilities. Find out how Yuqing styles her white shirt with these four looks that are perfect for different occasions.

Coffee Dates

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For a coffee date, you want to have a look that is casual and will make you feel confident. Throw on a white dress shirt over a casual dress and tie at the front for a whole new look that says “I just threw on something simple.”

Casual Dates

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Casual dates can end up moving around places, especially if they are going well. You want to keep your look simple and polished, but not high maintenance. Pair your white dress shirt, unbuttoned with athleisure clothing and sneakers for a more functional and comfortable look.

Dinner Dates

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For a more formal dinner date, you want to look like you put in the effort to look nice, but not overwhelming. While it’s not the only option, a dress is usually the natural choice for a dinner date. Layer your white dress shirt over a nice silk dress or top to give yourself a more elegant and sophisticated look. To complete the look, add a pair of black heels, a small clutch, and some light jewelry.

Happy Hour

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Happy hour is the best opportunity to catch up with friends on some wine. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to express your style. Since happy hour often happens right after work, a white dress shirt makes it easy to transition out of your work attire into a relaxed one without having to change. Add a piece of statement jewelry to add some drama to your outfit, and make your outfit look professional yet dressy.

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