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Step 1

Online Form

If you’re interested in collaborating with our team at WILD, fill out our online form below (it’ll only take five to ten minutes of your day!). We’d love for you to be as detailed as possible so we’ll know exactly what your brand's needs are.

Step 2

Discussing Your Needs

One of our campaign managers will get in touch with you to hone down the details of your campaign, where you will be able to select our talent from a roster we will provide you with. Here, we will work closely with you to discuss the terms of the campaign, such as what kind of content will be posted, as well as further guidelines.

Step 3


Our team will then confirm with our talent to make sure they are aligned with your brand and are interested in working together on the agreed terms. Once we have found your perfect match, an agreement will be sent over to you to finalise payment (and depending on your campaign, to arrange receival of your product).

Step 4

Campaign Execution

Upon payment, you’re locked in! Your campaign is now in our hands. We will work together with our talent to create content that will showcase your brand in the best way possible to create brand awareness, boost leads & sales, and connect with your customers.

We’re so glad to have you on board with us and cannot wait to bring your campaign to life!


Signed, Wild Entertainment.

Let's Work Together

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